Christian Help for Anxiety

How to Solve Anxiety and Panic Attacks With God's Word

For someone who hasn't suffered from severe anxiety or panic attacks, it might seem as if someone is making too much of feeling a little bit nervous or overwhelmed. As anxiety sufferers know, however, that's far from the truth.

During a panic attack, a person may have sudden and irrational thoughts, rapid heartbeat, and a number of physical symptoms that include tingling arms and hands, lightheadedness, and tightness in the chest. What's more, they may experience the fear of dying or losing control, or be overcome with sudden numbness and nausea. Often, the panic attack is accompanied by a desperate need to get somewhere safe, and many sufferers won't even leave their homes, since the fear of having an attack somewhere outside the house is crippling. And, even though these attacks typically last for minutes, their impact can leave the sufferer feeling drained and tormented for days afterwards.

Anxiety takes its own physical and emotional toll, as well. Not only are anxiety sufferers more likely to experience panic attacks, but many suffer through the same symptoms on an ongoing basis, with tense muscles, nausea, shakiness, and a loss of concentration being common. In addition, sadness and feelings of hopelessness might stay with them for days or weeks on end.

Where Does Anxiety Come From?

Although each person's life and circumstances are different, Christians and nonbelievers all over the world suffer through panic attacks, anxiety, and depression on a daily basis. I believe that these feelings result when Satan has found a way to come into their lives and steal their peace. The good news, though, is that Satan has already been defeated by Jesus, and the path to our victory is an easy one to follow. These battles happen in our minds, and the more we allow our minute-to-minute emotions to control us, the harder anxiety and depression are to restrain.

The answer is for us to let God help us get our emotions under control. By renewing our minds with His holy word, and following His purpose, we can begin to reprogram our thinking. Like a computer that can be filled with the wrong files and junk software, our minds sometimes need to be "cleaned out" with Scripture if we want to permanently do away with negative thoughts and fearful emotions.

What to do When You Experience Anxiety

I like to remind those in my anxiety support group that God's word is like a medicine to all who find it. You can't overdose, and there aren't any negative side effects, so you can take it as many times a day as you like or need. And best of all, the more you do, the more you can shake off the dark feelings that are holding you back.

In the Bible, God says that His word is "a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path." This is a beautiful way of saying that it can lead us out of the mental traps and conundrums that hold us back. On the Scriptures page, you'll find lots of different verses and passages that I like to refer to when Satan is trying to tempt me with dark thoughts. I encourage you to read them back to yourself and think about what they really mean. In each case, you'll find that God has a plan for you, your life, and your mental peace – and that His plan is much stronger than anything Satan has in store for you.

The more you study and meditate on these passages, the clearer they will become to you. And eventually, turning to them again and again will help you replace negative thinking with God's word. Although it might not happen right away, I know from experience that it can release you from the prison of anxiety and depression.

Let God Help You Ease the Anxiety Burden Right Now

No matter what you have going on in your life, God has a place for you in His heart, and a plan for your future. I encourage you to pray to Him now to ask for relief from anxiety, and to accept Jesus into your heart if you haven't already done so.

Then, look through His word again and take His messages to heart. You can even begin with the passages on our Scriptures page if you don't know where to begin, or want verses that will help you overcome anxiety. God's word is true, and it has the power to set you free from any kind of emotional pain or distress, even the panic attacks and daily stresses caused by anxiety, depression, and fear.