God's Cure for Anxiety

Are You Looking for a Cure for Anxiety and Depression That Doesn't Involve Medication?

We live in a world where millions of people are affected by anxiety, depression, and other disorders that eat away at them on a continual basis. Many feel trapped, and want real answers that go beyond powerful medications that sometimes don't help, and may leave patients so numb they have trouble feeling anything at all. Instead of another pill, or session in a therapist's office, they want to understand the true causes of their anxiety and depression… and most of all they want to find hope and peace of mind.

That's what this website is all about.

God's Cure for Anxiety is a simple, straightforward resource for those suffering from mental and emotional pain. All the tips and information you'll find on this site come from firsthand experience, study, and meditation – it has been written as a guide from one anxiety sufferer to another, detailing how I have been able to overcome these issues in my own personal life.

You might be thinking, "That sounds great, but what's the catch?" I promise you there isn't one. On this site, you won't find any subscriptions or required purchases. I only ask that you read everything you find with an open mind and an open heart, try my answers for yourself, and share them with others if you find them helpful.

How You Can Beat Anxiety With God's Word - Christian Help for Anxiety

The first thing you have to know about overcoming anxiety and depression is that God loves you and doesn't want you to experience these feelings. Even better, he has provided you with all the tools you need to fight them in His Holy Scriptures, which can be found in the Bible.

As I learned firsthand, the first step to being free from anxiety, depression, and fear is accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior. When Jesus died, and rose again on the third day, he did it so that all men and women could be free. That doesn't just mean freedom from evil and sin, but also from fear, doubt, and the mental pains that plague so many of us today.

Every person in the world has sinned, and none of us is perfect, but Jesus paid those debts when he died on the cross. When he said, "It is finished!" (John 19:30) he was referring to all of the evil tortures Satan throws upon us, including mental and physical sickness, sin, and even anxiety. That means you don't have to conquer your fears, doubts, and worries, because Jesus already did it for you – you only have to trust in Him and His word, and we'll show you how.

God and Anxiety

An Anxiety Resource for Christians and New Believers

If you haven't already accepted God's love, this could be a turning point for you in your life, one that opens the door to the peace you’ve been searching for. But what about those who are already saved by Christ and are still experiencing depression? Understand that we know how you feel, and that the battle isn't over. Satan is like creature who wants to attack your mind so he can weaken your faith. He wants you to feel trapped, but the reality is that you are as free as ever.

Romans 10:17 reminds us that faith comes from the word of God. That's true regardless of what's going on in your life, what has happened to you in the past, or even anything you have done. God wants you to find peace through prayer and meditation, and you will once you clear away the dark thoughts that Satan has planted in your mind.

If you're ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey – and be free of anxiety, depression, and fear – we encourage you to keep reading. Your search for peace of mind can stop now. Keep reading this site to find the answers you need, and contact us if you have questions. We care for you, and are happy to have our panel of prayer warriors ask God to help ease your pain. It's up to you to take the first step, though, and that begins with your faith in Him.